Info TRT-Team (EN)

Who does a team consist of?
A team consists of six people. These must be members of a fire department or other recognized rescue organization and should already have experience in the field of accident rescue.

The functions in detail:

IC, Captain (Der Gruppenkommandant):

He conducts the reconnaissance, informs the team about possible dangers and sets the rescue route together with the tool or rescue team (tool). He oversees the entire practice and is in permanent contact with the Inner Savior (Medic). He is also the contact person for the trainers / referees.

Medic, Inner savior (Innerer Retter)
He is responsible for the preservation of the victim’s vital functions and their care. He is preferably in the vehicle with the injured person after the vehicle has been secured. He is supported as needed by a backup or tool man. He constantly passes on the health status of the injured person to the group commander (captain). When rescuing the injured person from the vehicle, the inner rescuer takes command.

The medical measures are limited to the following points:

  • Acquire vital signs (A-B-C-D-E-Scheme)
  • securing the respiratory tract
  • cervical spine stabilization (with or without aids)
  • Rescue of the victim in consideration of correct axis (as patient-friendly as possible)
  • Depending on the competence of the inner rescuer, additional measures are allowed, for example: oxygen, Stifneck (cervical spine), …

The Safety squad (Sicherungstrupp, Safety):
This squad consists of two persons. They are basically responsible for securing and stabilizing the accident scenario. All vehicles and obstacles must be secured and stabilized so that the patient and the rest of the rescue team are not endangered. The squad constantly checks the security measures and supports the other team members as needed. When cutting and spreading work, they ensure that the vibrations are kept as low as possible.

The tool or rescue squad (tool):
This squad also consists of two people and operates the hydraulic rescue equipment or all equipment required for rescue opening. The cutting and spreading operations are thus carried out by the tool squad. The squad is in permanent contact with the inner rescuer (medic) and gives clear commands to the entire team before the work is carried out. These can be For example: “Attention glass – driver’s door” if the window of the driver’s door is destroyed, or “Attention cut A-pillar driver’s side” if it is cut across. Thus, each team member is required to be extra careful at this time. The squad also supports the other team members in the upcoming activities.

The following procedure results from the above mentioned tasks (without guarantee):

  1. Exploration by the group commander (Captain)
  2. Secure and stabilize the vehicle
  3. Create first opening for inner rescuer (Medic)
  4. Carry out glass management
  5. Create a rescue opening
  6. Get the person out of the vehicle as gently as possible.